Full Service Husband

What does ‘Full Service Husband’ mean?

Many of us travel through life as a passenger, only thinking primarily of ourselves and just trying to survive. We meet people, we date, we marry, we have children, but some never take a moment to learn from past mistakes, instead many people will carry those mistakes over to their next relationship. This makes for REALLY bad experiences, for all.

We each have our own quirks, our own likes and dislikes, personalities, passions and outlooks. Finding someone that even remotely tolerates you is a great start! Being that we are all individuals, with our own ways to do things and what we hold as a priority in life, finding anyone that is willing to put up with our garbage is a huge bonus! This bonus should be acknowledged and treasured, especially if the person in your mirror hates everything and everybody and wishes they were alone on the planet!

This blog and associated podcast is dedicated to the people out there that want to learn to be a better person, to make a happier household, to enjoy life more and, more importantly, to keep someone in your life who uses the correct amount of attitude when participating in your odd (and sometimes questionable) bedroom requests!

Travel on this journey with me, on a very dark and bumpy road filled with an immense of comedy, sarcasm and sometimes dark wit. I promise to enlighten and amaze you with my abilities to mime the important things, provide some valuable (and sometimes horrific) advice and answer ALL of your questions (probably not the way you want or the answers you need, probably very inappropriate most times) and leave you with questions to ponder.

Life is short to not laugh! This blog should scare most, educate others and leave everyone with one important question: WHY in all that is sacred, does my ear hair grow at an astronomical rate?