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Understand that this blog and accompanying podcast is meant to educate and provide humorous content to the reader/listener and not LEGAL advice, nor would/should it be considered MEDICAL advice either. This is purely OPINION and meant to bring a comical reflection at life and our experiences.

If your question(s) are addressed, your email address and signature information will NOT be published. Instead, if you do not provide a ‘screen name’ you would like us to use, we will use the ‘idea’ of your question as a reference. We do not want any personally identifiable information sent to us, unless you desire to send us a HUGE (i.e. over $15 million dollar) cashiers check, then perhaps we can exchange personal information (that was a joke).

Lastly, please READ your question aloud before hitting the SEND button on the email. Once you have read it, read it again and ask yourself this: Does this make sense? Is it worded well enough for a 4th grader to understand what was written? Am I going to be made fun of because of how I write? Should I start using a dandruff shampoo? Is my cat planning a midnight attack on me? Why are mushrooms called mushrooms, they are not mush and do not provide much room? Am I expecting a REAL answer to my question(s)?

If you answered yes to those questions, then please hit SEND and we will get to your questions in the order they are received.